Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog post 2

In the short video "Mr. Dance a lot ", I believe the central idea was trying to depict how students should not be taught in a classroom. The instructor read directly from the power points, this can be tedious and it's not the best way to teach. The teacher remained behind the desk during the lesson. He tried to demonstrate the dance moves but the students did not have a clear view of the instructors feet. When teaching the instructor should always make sure his students can view his lesson. The author makes the conclusion that this is not the best way to teach by showing the students confused responses. Many students grumbled and ground that, " this was the worst class they've ever had." I agree with the author's conclusion, The students negative responses proved that they were uninterested and struggled learning the dance moves. Overall, I think this video gave great insight on why it is so important to be a passionate educator.
I think Roberts believes that teaching the 21st century, is centered around the use of technology.
When I was in elementary school, I were taught from the chalkboard. In middle school I was taught by dry erase boards and overhead projectors. During high school and college I have been taught via Smart Boards. Basically, technology is always changing and growing. It is our duty as future educators to learn how to use the newest technology. It Is wrong not to teach our future students valuable tools just because we are unable to evolve with technology. The internet is a fantastic source for students to learn and expand on current events. Roberts believes that today's students should be well informed with current events and I couldn't agree more. I believe that technology is growing at a rapid pace and because I am a future educator, I must keep up with it. My favorite line from the presentation was, "teachers are not the main source of knowledge anymore, we are the filter." It is our job as educators to teach children the ways to use the internet. By not teaching the proper way to use current technology we are preventing students from reaching their full potential. I personally believe technology is a fascinating tool. For example, right now I am typing this paragraph on my iPad while listening to classical music on Pandora.
In the video, the networked student, it discusses a different type of learning. The student in the video explored a wide variety of sources and was able to listen to lectures taught by some of the best teachers in the world. Although this technology was impressive I still believe the student was most likely taught to use these sources by their teacher. The question, " does the student even need a teacher " really made me ponder. Students can't just rely on The internet. They need outside help if they are confused. Also the personal interaction with a mature adult helps build character and people skills.

I believe Davis' thesis is that students should also be teachers. I personally agree with this statement. You shouldn't have to hold a student's hand through everything they learn . Doing this can actually create a negative outcome. For example, the teacher isn't always going to be there to give their help and advice. I know in my online classes, I have many thoughts and questions about the material but I figure them out myself because the teacher is not around. I believe being a self learner and a self teacher is a more mature way of learning.

5.) In Dr. Strange's video, the topic of discussion was an education race. The runner involved are: undergraduate students, graduate students, and elementary school students. I personally believe that learning shouldn't really be a race. What is important is learning valuable skills, it is not how fast you learn them that matters. If I did have to pick a race winner though, I would have to give it to the elementary school students hands down. The kids I babysit are eight and they can do so much more on a computer than I can. The two year-old I know can effectively use an ipad. Children are learning how to use technology at younger ages, and it is fantastic.

I actually have heard of flipping the classroom before. I think the concept is not a good idea. In nurisng  school we watched online lectures from home sometimes, and it was so boring! Lectures are boring enough for the most part. And when you have to watch them at home after school in your bed, they only make you want to fall asleep even more. I think it is not a good teaching aproach becuase the student might have quesitons he or she needs answered right there and then. 

With the article "Bringing coaching into the classroom" I belive it is trying to say you don't
Have to be the perfect teacher. You need to be a teacher that is passionate and encouraging. I'd you belive in your students then your students are more likely to belive in you. I thought the message this article had was very insightful. 
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog post 1

I have heard  a variety of comments about the course, EDM 310. I hear that EDM 310 is a course that requires an extensive amount of time and commitment. I also have heard multifarious rumors that EDM 310 is the hardest class you will take as an education major. Even though I have heard many nasty rumors about EDM 310, I have also heard it is a class that teaches future educators valuable skills about technology. I have numerous fears about this course. Firstly, I am frightened about the weekly work load. Secondly, I am scared my limited knowledge of technology will not be enough. So far, EDM 310 reminds me of some of the classes I have taken in nursing school. Both types of classes require multiple hours of work each week. 

The most difficult hurdle I believe I will face in EDM 310 will most likely be learning how to use the smart board. The best way I can address this obstacle will be by viewing interactive videos on YouTube. I am a very hands on learner, and I enjoy teaching myself. My question about EDM 310 is what is the best way to succeed in this course? The ways I can uncover the answer to this question is by reading other student's blogs from past classes.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Practice Blog

     Hello, my name is Bailey Elizabeth Adams. I have lived in Birmingham, Alabama for most of my life. My entire family resides in Hoover, Alabama. I love Hoover, I believe it has such a nice charm to it. I have lived in the South my entire life and I absolutely love it.  In my free time I like to do Pilates and travel.  Traveling is probably the  activity I am most passionate about. There is just something so exciting about traveling to an entirely different part of the world. I love  Europe, it is filled with such a unique culture and extraordinary architecture. The reason I chose to go to USA was because I liked the size of the university. I am very close with my family, I have two parents that have been married for over thirty- seven years. My siblings are close to myself in age, we normally get along.

     I think an educator in today's society should be patient and courteous.  I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. Growing up I had some learning disabilities that I struggled with. Now I have a very easy time with school for the most part. I would like to help others learn, and I believe I will have a more patient attitude than most teachers due to the challenges I overcame. There is just something so special about being able to help someone. Below is a photo of my brother and I in Sevilla, Spain. In my free time I am trying to learn Spanish. Something interesting about myself is that I've had my first name legally changed. 

Outline for practice blog 
1.)Talk about where I have lived, what I like to do. Talk about how I like to do Pilates and how traveling is a passion of mine.
2.) Discuss the reason I chose to go to South Alabama instead of a larger school closer to home.  
3.) discuss my family situation, I have two siblings. 
4.) Discuss what I think an educator should be. Discuss why I wanted to become a teacher. 
5.)  Include a photo of my travels, discuss that I would like to become better at learning Spanish.