Thursday, August 21, 2014

Practice Blog

     Hello, my name is Bailey Elizabeth Adams. I have lived in Birmingham, Alabama for most of my life. My entire family resides in Hoover, Alabama. I love Hoover, I believe it has such a nice charm to it. I have lived in the South my entire life and I absolutely love it.  In my free time I like to do Pilates and travel.  Traveling is probably the  activity I am most passionate about. There is just something so exciting about traveling to an entirely different part of the world. I love  Europe, it is filled with such a unique culture and extraordinary architecture. The reason I chose to go to USA was because I liked the size of the university. I am very close with my family, I have two parents that have been married for over thirty- seven years. My siblings are close to myself in age, we normally get along.

     I think an educator in today's society should be patient and courteous.  I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. Growing up I had some learning disabilities that I struggled with. Now I have a very easy time with school for the most part. I would like to help others learn, and I believe I will have a more patient attitude than most teachers due to the challenges I overcame. There is just something so special about being able to help someone. Below is a photo of my brother and I in Sevilla, Spain. In my free time I am trying to learn Spanish. Something interesting about myself is that I've had my first name legally changed. 

Outline for practice blog 
1.)Talk about where I have lived, what I like to do. Talk about how I like to do Pilates and how traveling is a passion of mine.
2.) Discuss the reason I chose to go to South Alabama instead of a larger school closer to home.  
3.) discuss my family situation, I have two siblings. 
4.) Discuss what I think an educator should be. Discuss why I wanted to become a teacher. 
5.)  Include a photo of my travels, discuss that I would like to become better at learning Spanish. 

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  1. Bailey,
    Like you, I have lived in the south nearly all my life. I also have a passion for traveling. I would love to go to Spain! My family is originally from Spain. How long were you in Spain?