Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog post 1

I have heard  a variety of comments about the course, EDM 310. I hear that EDM 310 is a course that requires an extensive amount of time and commitment. I also have heard multifarious rumors that EDM 310 is the hardest class you will take as an education major. Even though I have heard many nasty rumors about EDM 310, I have also heard it is a class that teaches future educators valuable skills about technology. I have numerous fears about this course. Firstly, I am frightened about the weekly work load. Secondly, I am scared my limited knowledge of technology will not be enough. So far, EDM 310 reminds me of some of the classes I have taken in nursing school. Both types of classes require multiple hours of work each week. 

The most difficult hurdle I believe I will face in EDM 310 will most likely be learning how to use the smart board. The best way I can address this obstacle will be by viewing interactive videos on YouTube. I am a very hands on learner, and I enjoy teaching myself. My question about EDM 310 is what is the best way to succeed in this course? The ways I can uncover the answer to this question is by reading other student's blogs from past classes.


  1. I completely agree with you Bailey! I, like you, am frightened of the work load. I know it is doable but with all the other classes I am taking I feel that it is going to be a difficult challenge.

  2. Bailey,
    I completely agree with you about the workload. I did not think about using the smart board. Using YouTube is a wonderful idea to learn how to better use technology. Like yourself, I like to teach myself. I feel that way I get more out of it and I retain the information better.

  3. "I enjoy teaching myself." This is a great trait to have and will prove to be helpful in EDM.

    Good job.