Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog post 10

The children In Mrs. Cassidy's class loved blogging. In the video "Little Kids... Big  Potential" the kids said that every time they blog they get better at writing. The students use Wikis in the classroom. The students also use Skype to talk to experts. I really liked how the kids got to use their nintendo Ds'. I think technology is a great addition to the classroom. I think that it could cause a problem of being distracting at times. In the "Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 1" she discussed her experiences with using technology. She says that she always likes to add new things to her blog and loves to integrate different kinds of technology. Mrs. Cassidy said that kids love technology. Mrs. Cassidy has many points like that the world has changed. The world now revolves around technology. We are handicapping our children by not teaching them how to use technology. Class blogmister records the amount of page reads that each student's blog gets. Every teacher should know how to manipulate technology. Technology is so important in today's society and we need to keep up with what's going on in today's technology. It is important for an educator to use twitter to network and connect with other educators. In "Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 2"  and "Interview with Kathy Cassidy part 3" She expressed some great thoughts on technology like the following points. Personal learning networks are extremely important. Twitter allows students and educators to find new links and webpages. It allows us to connect with teachers who are very experienced. Facebook can be a good tool for educators. Some teachers have their students set up a separate Facebook for school. Students could reach out their teachers for help via Facebook. I could see myself creating a private Facebook group for my students and posting assignments in the group wall.
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  1. Good. What impediments might you face, and how would you address them?