Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blog post 8

I thoroughly enjoyed watching " Randy's last lecture" today. Randy is a professor with a big heart who happens to have brain cancer, he starts the lecture explaining he doesn't want to talk about cancer. He says he talks about cancer enough as it is. He shows everyone that he shouldn't be pitied and Is actually in better shape than most of the population. He tells the audience about his goals as a child. The first one was to reach sub zero gravity. He eventually reached this dream.

The second dream he had was to play pro football. He didn't make it to the pros but he learned a valuable lesson in his attempt to play little league. His coach explained that once you are making mistakes and nobody tells you that you are making them, that's a problem. This basically meant to me that once you're biggest fans stop telling you that you are messing up, it means they no longer believe in you.

He talked about his dream to win big stuffed animals and his attempt to be an imagineer.He talked about brick walls in life. These brick walls symbolize the struggles he went through in his life . You can't let brick walls get you down.
Randy Pausch and his family

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  1. Hey Bailey,
    This was a very good video Dr. Strange had us watch, the best so far! I believe we all need to really listen to what Mr. Randy was trying to tell us. We need to do our best to reach our personal goals so that we can properly help others reach theirs. Good Job!