Sunday, October 12, 2014

Post about iPhones (will edit later)

After reading the statistics about students and the use of smart phones, I was not at all surprised. Smartphones are becoming a necessity it seems like. I personally am one of the individuals who have their phone glued to them at all times. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about smart phones and elementary school students yet. My cousins are 8 and 9 and they both have iPhones. Who are they texting ? They are just so young. I do believe children should have tablets and laptops though.

In the college setting I think technology is necessary. I take all my notes on my iPad , my notes are always neatly typed and organized in an app on my tablet. I know most business classes do not allow students to bring in phones or laptops. I think this is limiting the learning potential. Our generation is constantly around tablets and phones why not let them use it at school ? I know my notes are much more through than my friends that take notes with pen and paper. My iPad even allows me to paste charts onto my notes. If there is a concept I don't understand in class, I will take a picture of the board and post that into my notes.

I think iPad and smartphone cameras could be used in school daily. I watched a video last week about something called a Popplet. A Popplet is a chart used to summarize a topic or a book. The students take photos of pictures in the book and post them on the Popplet. I will definitely use the Popplet in my classroom. Another use for the camera on a tablet would be for a scavenger hunt. You could tell the students once they get to their ideal location on the scavenger hunt to take a picture of this location. You could also use the smart phone cameras in a Spanish lesson. I could say walk around the classroom and take pictures of the following objects: papel, Mesa, something rojo. This would be a fun interactive activity to test the children's knowledge on their new Spanish vocab words.

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