Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blog Post 7

I watched "IPad Reading center ", what happens is the student records themselves reading with an iPad. Now the student can go listen/watch his video and see if he made any errors . I think this is a great tool ! This is a tool a student can use totally by his or herself .

I watched "Poplet with Ginger Tuck" she showed us how to create Popplets. A Popplets is used with an iPad. The title of the book goes in the center. She then uses a web to create squares surrounding the center square. The children can use photos, or write a description.
This tool reminds me of a reading idea web. With a reading idea web you can organize your thoughts on writing a paper. With a Popplet, it allows students to organize what they learned from a book. I definitely will use Popplets In the future. My group and I made a rubric revolving around Popplets.

In "AVL and kindergarten Students" I learned how to navigate around a new search engine. Students can pick a word and search that word. The search engine comes back with pictures and descriptions Of this word. They can actually watch videos/audios about whatever word they search. The students take what they learned from AVL and draw a photo and write a sentence about what they learned.

Today I watched, "Mrs. Tassin Students share Board Builder Project." The students created a Website for a pet shelter. They discussed why they were collecting money for the shelter. They used the source "Word Hippo" to find new words.

When I was in elementary school, we didn't have any smart boards or IPads. So all of the tools they use on the iPad to teach children are all new to me. I really enjoy that this class is teaching me skills I will actually learn in the future. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my major and I can't wait to be a teacher! But ... Some of the classes I take are so easy, I don't believe they will truly help me in the future. Even though we do many projects in this class, it's probably my favorite class. I've gained so many new ideas about teaching with technology. I know some people are skeptical about using
technology In the classroom.. But I love it ! When I go to class I don't even bring a pencil, I do EVERYTHING on my iPad, even math.

I think the biggest pro I have on PBL is my love for technology and excitement   about using it in my future classroom. I think the biggest challenge I will face with PBL is my lack of experience with using it. I plan on paying close attention to the teachers when I do my student teaching.
This photo features students holding ipads while learning

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  1. Hi Bailey,

    I completely understand the iPad separation. When I was in school we had a white board with dry erase and it wasn't until middle school when I saw my first "smart board". I want to say that, that was the first year they came to Baldwin County classrooms. Now, you can't step foot in a classroom without seeing an ipad, a computer, a smartphone and a smartboard, haha.

    I really like that your group did a Poplet project. Because we (I, really) just learned about Poplet this past week, our group also decided to incorporate that into our project as well. I thought it was such a good exercise and I loved that the kindergarteners were doing it all on their own!

    I definitely think by the time we are teaching, some of this technology will be "old news" lol. I'm Looking forward to watching it change and shape the classroom though.

    Thanks for a good post,