Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog post 3

              I enjoyed watching the videos and reading the materials about peer editing.
I personally think peer editing is a fantastic idea. I don't always have the best grammar in my writing. I normally am able to spell the words correctly but when it comes to commas, I can sometimes be a tad off. After writing a paper, I always send my papers to my wonderful peer and friend, Kelsey Herring. Kelsey always helps give me constructive criticism on how I can improve my writing. In the video, "Peer Editing" I think the points were clearly outlined on how to effectively write a peer review. The tip that really stuck out to me in the video was the message about staying positive. I have a hard time being 100% sweet and nice when peer editing. So by simply starting with a positive point I think my message can go a lot further.

             The slide show, "Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial", displayed some great ideas on how I can stay positive. I will definitely use the example sentences to help my peers in the future. I really do love when someone I know gives me harsh criticism, but if a stranger gave me harsh criticism, I think I would feel differently. I believe peer criticism will help us as future educators.
The video, "Writing Peer Review Top Ten Mistakes", was so cute . I loved how all the mistakes had a name like "Picky Patty."
 Photo showing peer editing
Peer editing example


  1. Bailey,

    I think you did a great job with grammar! I am the same way you are with being 100% sweet about everything. I think for something to be truly effective, you need to be a little harsh sometimes.