Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project #4 C4T summary

I read Allanah King's blog these past two weeks. She blogs on a regular basis. I really enjoyed reading her blog. The first blog post I commented on was titled "Google Educator #alwayslearning" her blog was short and sweet it discussed what she had to go through to get her google educator teaching license. I'm highly interested in doing this myself. The response i left her was:

"I really enjoyed reading your blog today. I think it is awesome that you have received your google educator’s degree. I will have to look more into this google educator stuff. I love the tutorials. I am a visual learner so a video tutorial helps me immensely. A video tutorial is so much simpler for me. I agree with your statement about it’s nice when a system updates their website but is also frustrated. I personally get annoyed because even though the new system is better, I was so accustomed to the old site. "

The next blog post of hers I read was titled "Mawhera Taniwha- Google drawings and Google slides " this blog post gave an explanation oh how to post a picture on top of another picture on google. It also taught how to create simple animations! I will totally be doing this in my classroom I think it will be a big hit.  My response was :

"Hey Allanah, thanks so much for sharing this! I am someone how needs visual images or a video to truly learn. With this being said, I was really impressed by your photo explanations. I was easily able to edit my photos and put a photo over them ! Thanks again, I will definitely use this explanation in the future to help my future classroom."

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