Sunday, September 28, 2014

C4K Summary one

The first Children I was assigned to post a comment on was a 7th grader from New Zeland named Calvin. He wrote a blog post about what mascot he would pick for his country. The mascot he picked is a character known as, "Mr 4." He said that Mr. 4 was a good pick because he wore sandals and most  "kiwi's" wore. The comment I posted was this:

"Calvin, I enjoyed reading your blog today. I am a college student from the United States. We also love our mascots in the United States. My mascot for school is a jaguar. I thought your idea for the next Commonwealth Games mascot was very creative. I do agree when I hear the New Zealand accent that it sounds British to me. "
The second Child I commented on is named Adam. Adam wrote about what a mathematician does. The comment I left Adam is " Hey Adam, my name is Bailey Adams. I am from the United States. I attend The University of South Alabama." I really enjoyed reading your blog today. I had no idea a mathematician had to do so much !"

The third Child I commented on is named Alex. Alex wrote about this cool  new app he's using called Video Star. This is the comment I left on his blog: "Hey Alex, 
I loved reading your blog post today. My name is Bailey Adams, I am a student at The University of South Alabama. I did not know about this app until now. I am a huge fan of music, and will defiently use this app in the future. Thanks for writing this week. I can't wait to use Video Star! "

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