Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog post Number 5

I had never heard of the term Personal learning Networks (PLN) until this week. According to my EDM 310 instructor, Dr. Strange, A PLN is, " the set of people and tools that you can call on upon for help, consultation, collaboration or other assistance." I am looking forward to exploring and learning about sites that I can add to my Personal Learning Network. One of the best Personal Learning Networks is twitter. Twitter is a popular social media site that was created March 21, 2006. The site allows you to follow celebrities, famous athletes, authors, producers, or really anyone that has a twitter. My favorite thing about twitter is it allows you to see a more private view of someone's life. For example, Twitter allows me to follow Kim Kardashian. Without twitter I would have no clue as to what she was currently doing. This social media site allows you to use hashtags. Basically, a hashtag is something you can add to your post. For example, If I were to hashtag about writing this blog I would say, "writing a blog about PLNs #EDM310 #hardatwork." Now the cool thing about hashtags is that if anyone in the world searched the hashtag, hard at work, they would find my post.

I viewed a video called, "A 7th Grader's Personal Learning environment", in the video it discussed how a 7th grader created her PLE. I thought this video was very informative. The girl in the video discussed how she created a Personal Learning Environment for her paperless science class. I love the idea of paperless classes. I think more classes should be taught in this format. The 7th grader used Facebook on her PLE. She also used a note-taking app called Evernote. Evernote allows the user to take notes and it always saves what time you accessed the site. The time stamp on Evernote makes prevent plagiarism.

Two weeks ago I started creating my Personal Learning Environment. I have had a twitter since 2008. I tweet multiple times a week. The other day I went in and added all the Instructors for EDM 310. I now look up the hash tag EDM310 on a regular basis. I have read some wonderful stories about how EDM 310 has helped Students learn how to use the internet to do amazing things. One student thanked EDM 310 for learning how to use Imovie.


  1. Where are your alt/title modifiers on your picture? Each picture is required to have them! Also, Twitter by itself isn't a PLN. It's just one of the many tools you can add to your PLN.

  2. Hi Bailey,
    I had never heard of a PLN until last week either. I created a Symbaloo and it is awesome! It allows me to use twitter where I too, follow Kim K. I highly suggest you check it out! I have also been looking for a great note taking app. I will have to check evernote out. EDM has definitely helped me with using the internet as well!