Thursday, September 25, 2014

Post 6

In "Project Based Learning Part 1", Pbl - is constantly evolving . The goal now is that it is not a means to show that a student has achieved something, but also to get them excited about learning something . 
The teacher, (Anthony lab professional) said "after a month and a half of sitting down and getting his outside work done faster he began to love his job"
he said it's a lot more than playing and interacting with the children, the goal is maximum amount of engagement so the most learning can be done. 
PBL is not just a method to evaluate students, but  a method by which students learn. It takes a lot of planning and work. Anthony said his student's love his projects. 
Anthony said he gets his student's to create comic strips at times. 
 Icurio- online tool, it allows students to safely search online media that has been pulled for educational purposes. They have to log in to use it. It has a storage capacity for students and teachers. Icurio has kid friendly buttons.  In the "video Discovery ed", I learned that students are "listener watchers" They listen and watch way more than they read and write according to Dr.  Strange. Teachers are making more audio/ videos instead of making the children read as much. Discovery Ed offers online text books and audio books. In "Strange's tips for teachers part 1", Dr. Strange discuses 5 key tips for teachers. One of the tips is that you really need to be interested in learning about yourself. You have to constantly learn to be a better instructor. Everyone has a hobby, teachers learn the craft of teaching in their free time.  Tip number two is to be creative and flexible. Tip number four is teaching is hard work. Tip number four is start with the end in mind. Tip five is to have reflection. In the video "UseTech Don'tTeachIt", I learned a lot about technology. Technology is still controversial, the questions are more important than the answers, it's a real key to project based learning . If you are a learner yourself teaching can be a very rewarding skill.  

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    Also, please proof read before publishing because there are a lot of mistakes and typos in here. The plural of "student" is simply "students". The word "student's" is the possessive form of "student". The possessive form of "students" is made by adding an apostrophe after the "s".