Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project #15

Today I was asked to research eight different search engines and voice my opinion on each one.

WolframAlfa was a search engine that I have never come across before. After doing some investigating of the site I discovered that I can plug in mathematical calculations into it and will be given the answer. The answer is also displayed on a number line. This could be helpful when trying to teach a visual learner mathematics.  

Bing is a search engine that reminded me very much of Google. It does basically everything Google will do. I can search "cats" and find lots of information about these pets including photos and videos. I actually have used Bing before but I prefer to use Google. I personally think Google is more organized than Bing.

I have never heard of this search engine before but it has me very intrigued! The search engine is all about searching for foods. I looked up "cake" and I was given a multifarious amount of recipes. The recipes included serving sizes and nutrition facts. I downloaded the Yummly app today and was impressed by all of the positive comments. I found a fabulous recipe on tomato sauce that I am excited to try.

Monster is a search engine I have heard about before. It is useful if you are trying to find a job. You search the type of job you would like to have and you can upload your resume.

I love the WebMD search engine! I despise going to the doctor so I'm all about a site that will diagnose what I might have. I use it by typing in the symptoms that I am currently having and it will give me a list of possible illnesses that I may have.

MapQuest is a site that you can type an address into and it will give you directions and show you images of the place. I used MapQuest yesterday to get to Tuscaloosa and I will use it tomorrow to get back to Mobile.

Zillow is a search engine that would be perfect for someone trying to buy a house. It shows houses for sale and gives an estimate on the price. The search engine also shows you how big the house is.

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