Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog Post 11

Brian Cosby's video "Back to the Future"
map of the US
was very insightful. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Project Based Learning this semester but I wonder if there is another topic we can dive deeper into. In Brian's video he asked his student's three questions, these questions are,
What city do you live in? (9 out of 24 answered correctly)
What state do you live in? (12 out of 24 answered correctly)
What country do you live in? (3 out of 24 answered correctly)
I couldn't believe that so many students got these answers incorrect.
Brian then explained to his students that it is hard to understand anything if you don't really understand where you yourself live. This stood out to me. My family loves to travel. Whenever we go somewhere new my parents always make sure we truly grasp the history of where we are. Before we do any shopping we always check out the museums. We explore the museums and take tours of the cities so that we can truly grasp the culture. This summer we visited Spain and my parents wouldn't allow us to speak any english for the first half of the trip. I didn't really understand what they were trying to make us do, but I really enjoyed learning about the history of the country speaking the native language. So I think the students need to have a great understanding of the country and city they live in to truly learn.  Brian believes in Project Based Learning. He uses wikis, blogs,and Flickr. It is important that the students are given an audience. One of the little girls blog I commented on a month ago loved that I read her blog. She wrote a comment on how she would like to hear more comments from me. I will make sure my students blog to get that large audience. Maybe I would have been more motivated in elementary school if I would have had a larger audience.  


  1. Good post; use more detail about learning AND teaching.

  2. Bailey,
    Good post this week! You could have been a little more detailed about his class and their project of putting a balloon up into the atmosphere. That project really got his students excited and engaged. I do agree with you on two things, though: I think there are other topics we could dig deeper into along with PBL and that it really does help to understand where you are and such. My family and I also did a trip abroad a time or two, but to London and I learned so much. We did all the museums and historical sites along with all of the popular entertainment scenes to get truly engulfed in our surroundings and appreciate where we were. I just loved it and lived learning so much.