Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog post 13

I have though only enjoyed learning about technology in the classroom. We have spent every week so far learning about the positives of technology in the classroom. I want to take a look at both sides this week. In the sixth grade I took a typing class. This class helped me become a proficient typer but it was a struggle. The struggle I faced had to do with my classmates. They did not do there work and instead played games on the computer and got on Facebook. Technology can be a definite distraction, I have faced it first hand.

Difficulties with technology
Broken ipad

Technology can cause technical difficulties. I used to love taking notes on my iPad. I used an app I purchased called "Goodnotes." I enjoyed using the app for the For the first few months, but over time it proved to have its problems. Every time I open the app now it crashes. This means that I am unable to use the app or read my notes I've taken over the past few months. This is definitely a problem. In the classroom I am observing the teacher often has problems with the smart board. The smart board loves to freeze up and it loves to crash. This is a major problem in the classroom. every minute counts in school, these technical errors take up way too much time. Another problem with technology is that it constantly needs to be charged. This can be problematic when a student forgets to charge their device. There are only so many outlets in the classroom. And charging tablets takes time.

Another problem that technology poses is that it can lead to distraction. My brother is im High-school and the students are allowed to use tablets in the classroom. He says that most of the students do not pay attention to the lecture but instead mess around on their tablets playing games.

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