Sunday, November 9, 2014

t4t Summary

The teacher I was assigned this week was Angela Maires. In the first blog post I read she was discussing technology in the modern day world. Angela believes that students are not motivated by technology alone. Students need to interact with technology on different levels for it to be motivating. The type of technology we pick to use is not nearly as important as how you use it and what kind of a person it makes you grow as. Her blog post made me think about how I use technology daily. The comment I left her is this : 

I enjoyed reading your blog post today. You have an interesting view on technology. But I also agree on your approach. I do think that it's how you use the technology and not just the type of technology. The first time I used Twitter I didn't like it at all . But once I played around with it, I started to learn how to use the site. I now use Twitter every day. Thanks for posting .
Bailey Adams Edm 310

The second post I read from Angela Maires was about technology compared to a sandbox. the comment I left her was :

Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post today. I loved what you had to say in this post. The sand box really is a great analogy to technology. I loved what you said about the sand is placed in the buckets and is not thrown. Thanks For posting, Bailey Adams EDM 310.

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