Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog post #14

I believe that teachers need better training
•Teachers should have to take an oral examination
•Require more schooling
•Seniority should not exist
•Promote teachers based on their accomplishments instead of seniority
•Allow only the best teachers to educate teaching majors
*enlist the top one-third of graduates as teachers

Firstly, teaching should most certainly be professionalized. Teachers have one of the most important jobs . We are trusted to shape the minds of today's youth. Teachers are held responsible for dressing and talking a certain way, yet they receive little to no respect. I believe that individuals see teaching as an easy job when really it is quite difficult to be an educator. Additionally, Joel Klein has written a fabulous article on how teachers can work on being more professionalized.

The first problem Joel Klein would like to fix is to have better academic training for future teachers. I certainly agree with Joel. I love my major, I can't imagine being anything other than a teacher. I love children and I truly enjoy observing at Corpus Christi, but I don't believe I am learning enough to prepare myself for the future. In certain classes such as EDM 310, I am learning new and exciting teaching tactics. But in other classes, I am hardly learning anything. The assignments are tedious and extremely basic. I barely have any home work, and I am EXTREMELY bored in these classes. Something should and must change.

The second problem Joel Klein would like to fix is not allowing anyone to be a teacher. Joel Believes that schools should only enlist the top one-third of graduates as teachers. I have to say that I agree with this point. In my education classes I hear many students using incorrect grammar when speaking. If these individuals can not speak properly themselves how will they teach children to speak properly. I believe that teachers should have to take an oral examination in order to become an educator.    

The final problem Joel Klein lists is about seniority. Joel believes seniority is ruining the school systems. With seniority incompetent teachers are often times unable to be removed. I agree with this point.

In summary, the occupation of teaching has the ability to be professionalized if some problems are fixed. These problems are: better training for future teachers, seniority needs to be removed, and lastly more selective on who becomes an educator. I be,I've this article was well written and informative.

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  1. Great summary of blog post! I think all future teachers and present teachers should read this article.