Sunday, November 30, 2014

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Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post today. I loved what you had to say in this post. The sand box really is a great analogy to technology. I loved what you said about the sand is placed in the buckets and is not thrown. Thanks For posting, Bailey Adams EDM 310.

The first blog post i commented on was written by the lovely Angela. I truly enjoyed this blog post. Angela wrote with such though and power. The blog post was a interesting view  on technology. The author related a simple sand box to the Internet and technology and the rules both have. The blog post was simple yet refined, I loved the writers style.

The second comment Is:
  1. Dana,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog today. I loved how you included such insightful tips to writers. I enjoyed reading the metaphor comparing dominoes falling to a plot in a story. Great blog, Bailey A

    The third and final comment was from the same author. I enjoyed reading her first post so I commented on yet another one of her posts. 

    I liked reading your post today ! I love taking notes. I also take WAY too many notes. My notes are unorganized and sloppy. Your husband’s notes look very intresting. I LOVE the rubric you included. Thank you for writing I will use your post to help my future studenrs take notes. In the classroom I am in now I see lots of “Minimalist note-takers: Kids who jot down only a few phrases and facts
    Partial note-takers: Kids who take thorough notes on some portions of the texts but not others
    Kitchen-sink note-takers: Kids who jot down anything and everything.”

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